Udi Bai

udibai1Udi Bai – lost her vision in one eye while playing fire crackers this Diwali. Belonging to a poor rural family, Udi had never thought that she could ever get back her sight. She has one elder sister and two younger sisters and a brother. Living in a big family Udi’s father did not have any hope for Udi. But, her grandmother brought to our camp. Udai and her grandmother both were operated at Alakh absolutely free of cost.
Both have a very good sight now and are happy to feel the change in their lives. It’s like a MIRACLE for them.
All congrats to Dr. Laxman Jhala and his Team at Alakh Nayan Mandir

Life was difficult for Kisni Bai, a 25 years old young lady with two small children until she was brought to Alakh Nayan Mandir for cataract surgery. A camp was conducted in Gosunda (Chittaurgarh) last week where Kisni was diagnosed with Traumatic Cataract due to sick injury last year. From past one year, she was a leading life with darkness. Her other eye was already having poor vision due to which she was practically blind.

uda bai2On her follow up visit though she was trying to hide her smile, but her excitement to get sight back was quite obvious. She was happily surprised to realise that her was treated and now she could lead a normal life.

Alakh Nayan Mandir feels proud and and privileged to serve and be helpful in bringing a positive change for underprivileged needy people like Kisni and many others.