Cornea & Eye Bank Department

Corneal services at ANMEI:


  • Corneal Tear Repair
  • Corneal Transplantation
  • Infections
  • Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Corneal Dystrophies
  • C3R for Keratoconus
  • Tissue adhesive + BCL
  • Pterygium with MMC / Autograft
  • Amniotic Membrane graft
  • Ocular Surface Reconstruction
  • Keratoplasty

Nidek-FuCam12Alakh Nayan Mandir offers cutting edge technologies at affordable cost to the patients. Special efforts are done to keep abreast of the latest in Ophthalmology and motivate each other to deliver high standards of patient care.

Our cornea department provides avenues for development of newer treatment modalities in collaboration with the industry and develop innovative surgical technologies to bring best possible eye care to the patients.

We offer treatment for Corneal diseases like Keratoconus, Bullous Keratopathy, Corneal dystrophy and Infectious Keratitis.

The latest techniques in Corneal Transplantation like Lamellar Keratoplasty (Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty and Endothelial Keratoplasty) are performed with good quality tissues. In patients not suitable for these procedures penetrating keratoplasty can be done. Instruments available : Keratometer, Corneal topographer, Specular microscope.
Collagen Cross Linking For Keratoconus nnd Icl

Over 150 corneal transplants

Cornea Specialist: Dr. Jatin Ashar