About Us

Her Holiness Mahatma Bhuri Bai

baiHer Holiness Saint Mahatma Bhuri Bai ‘ALAKH’ is the divine guiding supremacy for all activities at Alakh Nayan Mandir. Mahatma Bhuri Bai , a saint with unsurpassed compassion and love for fellow beings, belonged to the holy city of Nathdwara, who was revered for her humanitarian approach towards all fellow beings. According to her ,

“The ultimate and only pervading reality is the visualization of ‘One Supremacy’ in ‘all’ ”.
She by way of her inward divinity transcended all physical planes of activities. Her only preaching was immaculate awe-inspiring love.


ALAKH , Literary meaning ‘that which cannot be seen ‘ but still is “ The Ultimate Knowledge : The Third Vision “. , Nayan ,literary meaning ‘eyes’ and Mandir , literary meaning ‘temple’, the whole of which expresses, that Alakh Nayan Mandir is a temple where people stricken with eye problems are taken care of , in a pious and dutiful manner. The Institute providing quality services in the field of eye care, ensuring non-discrimination between the paying and non – paying patients.

Dr. H.S. Chundawat


Dr. H. S. Chundawat (Founder – Trustee)

  • A simple man with a firm conviction of selfless service.
  • Started Private eye Clinic in 1984. “Alakh Ashish Netra Chikitsalaya
  • Gave up everything for the sake of mankind
  • Created Alakh Nayan Mandir in 1997
  • Honorary Services.

It came into existence in October 1997 and was inaugurated by Dr.G.N.Rao, presently, Group Chairman of LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

A brief of the institutional profile and activities in the field of blindness prevention and control is as follows.

Our Vision

Provide quality eye care for all on a sustainable basis, irrespective of socioeconomic status and to make the region free of curable eye problems.

Our Mission

Alakh Nayan Mandir is a non profit eye care organization working to provide quality eye care to all by offering clinical, managerial and educational services to patients, eye care professionals and community by building linkages with various government, non government, and corporate organizations.


The institute’s major aim is to:

  • Provide eye care of paramount quality to all segments of society, especially socially backward and deprived section of the society.
  • Provide free or subsidized treatment to those who cannot afford it.
  • Encourage and strengthen teaching and training programs along with super specializations to Doctors and Ophthalmic Assistants, through ongoing research and academic activities.
  • Propagate the concept of ‘Quality’ Eye Care amongst professionals.
  • Rendering outreach ophthalmic services in remote villages.
  • Create community awareness about eye health problems.
  • Contribute for the success of National Program for Control of Blindness.
  • Prepare Ophthalmic Assistants/Paramedics/Ophthalmologists through teaching courses.